As the raw garlic contains garlic enzyme, garlic cut or damaged, the garlic is rapidly converted into allicin, allicin is very unstable, very easily in the air is quickly decomposed, will change the main components of garlic volatile oil Sulfide allyl (diallyl disulfide, etc.), mercaptan organic sulfide, produce uncomfortable smell. Finally, the decomposition of all the polysulfide produced after the little effect.
Black garlic in the production process effectively inhibit the activity of garlic enzyme, so that the preservation of allicin is good, people take black garlic, the magic effect of allicin is very easy to reflect, while in vivo human biological enzymes (Similar to the role of garlic enzyme), so that a large part of the alliin in the body into allicin, and completely retain the powerful role of allicin!

Allergic effect of alliin
1, high blood pressure: alliin can repair and protect arterial endothelial cells, improve vascular wall flexibility, play a role in alleviating and stabilize the symptoms of hypertension, can effectively prevent the blood pressure is too high, vascular rupture caused by cerebral hemorrhage, hemiplegia , Hemiplegia and a series of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease occurred.
2, hyperlipidemia: alliin through the blood into the fat into the enzyme activity, and stimulate the activity of lipolytic enzymes, to inhibit the blood lipid production, promote blood lipids decomposition rate, reduce blood in the human body cholesterol , Triglycerides, reduce low density lipoprotein and increase the activity of high density lipoprotein, remove blood vessels on the wall of lipid deposits, and through sweat and defecation excreted.
3, high blood sugar: alliin can reduce blood sugar, improve the body’s resistance to glucose function.
4, high blood viscosity: alliin can effectively inhibit the platelet aggregation in the blood and can improve the red blood cell deformation ability, a fundamental solution to the problem of high blood viscosity. In the case of
5, to protect the stomach: alliin has a strong antibacterial, bactericidal effect, can effectively kill the intestinal pylori, to protect the intestinal tract beneficial bacteria, regulating gastrointestinal flora dysfunction.
6, a comprehensive increase in immunity: alliin can improve the macrophage macrophage function, so that the body from viruses, bacteria, contaminants attack. So that the body’s immune system has been enhanced to comprehensively improve immunity.

Speaking of “garlic”, the first impression of the average person may be – eating will have bad breath, or think of the ancient era of ancient Europe, people firmly believe that hanging a long list of garlic can be away from the terrible devil or vampire. While the early Greek athletes will be in the Olympic athletic competition before chewing raw garlic, to enhance physical strength.
Yes, this will be issued “fragrant smell” of the plant is indeed a lot of gluttonous and love and fear, afraid to eat the food containing garlic, an opening to smoky with your talk dizzy. The special smell of garlic also makes it believed that it is the main ingredient used to get used to it. Although the continuous progress of civilization and technology, so that more and more people no longer believe that there will be vampires in the world: However, modern people may wish to interpret the demon, enough to threaten the material life of human beings, because such an interpretation is Enough to take the clinical results of modern biochemistry to cite the ancients of intelligence.
The development of early science and technology is limited, in the analysis of the composition of garlic is still unclear, the scientists will know about the smell of the ingredients, it is the active ingredient of garlic, and is a “sulfur” chemical substances , These active ingredients can also be extracted by organic solvents, more importantly, when these ingredients in more than 56 degrees Celsius or ph greater than 8.5 (alkaline), the activity may be quickly suppressed or destroyed.
After a series of analytical studies, biochemical scientists are more certain that the effective active ingredient in garlic is composed of a group of sulfur-containing compounds, which in turn are the most representative of the double sulfide-alicin (ALLICIN) , So it is called “allicin”. But it is interesting to note that when garlic is present in a complete form of garlic, allicin is not found because the ingredient in the garlic is its precursor, ALLIIN. Ailin is a very low physiological activity of the ingredients, when the garlic is cut or chewed at the same time, Irene and the presence of fresh garlic in the Ailin decomposition? Common role in the production of human health to produce the most allicin. Allicin is not a very stable compound, its nature is like 1986, Manhattan and other scientists said, more than 56 degrees Celsius is no longer a role: Moreover, exposed to the air for too long Or light, etc., will make allicin soon lose its activity.
But apart from the physiologically active ingredient of allicin, the scientists were surprised to find another genetically active ingredient, AJOENE, from the garlic extract of fresh garlic. More interesting is that Ai Qiao En is not found in the raw garlic, how is it come? Is transformed by alicin (allicin), and it only exists garlic oil, garlic garlic is unable to find it.
Clinical reports are numerous
◎ prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease
Garlic on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease clinical report can be said to be numerous, the medical community is more convinced that its clinical role. Analysis of its role in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease machine has three main:
(A) garlic in a group of sulfur compounds (hereinafter referred to as allicin) can inhibit the liver cholesterol synthesis of “HMGCOA reduction?” Role, and thus to reduce blood cholesterol (high blood cholesterol is arteriosclerosis heart disease, hypertension The most important factor).
(Ii) allicin inhibits the presence of (Adenosine deaminase) adenine deaminase in vascular endothelial cells and increases the concentration of nitric oxide (NO) in endothelial cells and blocks the cell calcium channel Vascular dilatation of the role of many mechanisms to achieve vascular relaxation, lower blood pressure.
(Iii) garlic has potent antithrombotic activity, and allicin is the protagonist of this effect (Ai Qiao En’s antithrombotic activity is only 3% of allicin). Therefore, the anti-thrombosis effect of garlic for myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis and venous tumors have a satisfactory control effect
◎ against bacteria and viruses
In Western medicine, we refer to antibiotics that are used to treat microbial infections, and the primary role of these agents is to eliminate these microorganisms that are sufficient to cause the body to become ill. However, no matter how the progress of drug research and development, so far, the role of antibiotic killer can only be targeted for a specific one or two categories, such as bacteria can not kill fungals, more likely to have any effect on the virus; As for the protozoa, then Is another kind of medicine, except God gift to our baby – garlic, it can also effectively deal with bacteria, viruses, mold and protozoa on the human body threat.
Hong Kong feet have been one of the most common fungal diseases in the subtropical humid Taiwan region. Patients usually complain that they are difficult to cure, and that a few years ago, the outbreak of treatment of Hong Kong feet will cause serious liver damage to the case of death, which also makes Originally difficult to cure the foot of Hong Kong, but also a headache today.
According to a scientist headed by Ledezma in 1996, the patients who were suffering from Hong Kong feet were enrolled with 0.4% of Eisen’s ointment for seven days and fourteen days of clinical Treatment, the results of the cure rate was 79% and 100%, and within 90 days after treatment are not recurrence of the case. Mainly because Ai Qiao En has the effect of disrupting the integrity of the cell membrane. In addition, for the physiological properties of mold similar to Candida, garlic also can play its effect.
As for the treatment of bacteria, garlic with a wide range of bactericidal effect, whether it is aerobic bacteria (tuberculosis) or anaerobic bacteria, garlic have a significant role in the killing. In 1994, the scientist Pez (Perez) and so found that garlic in the Ai Qiao En has the effect of killing the parasite, such as with the traditional treatment of drugs to join the quinine, but also to achieve synergies, so that malaria Treatment is more effective.
Speaking of the virus, the general antibiotics can not deal with this small and defensive pathogen, and even many diseases caused by the virus, is still no solution (such as aids, hepatitis B, etc.), can only do the immune System to keep, so that the body naturally healed. However, in the immune system and virus fight process, the host (especially young children) and thus a lot of defeat. And surprisingly, garlic is not a viral infection for some Western medicine, such as human rhinovirus type 2 associated with nasopharyngeal and sinusitis, Herpes simplex virus type 1, type 2), smallpox virus and lips, and so on: ND Weber, et al., Planta Med, 1992 Oct; 58 (5): 417-423).
AIDS (AIDS) has almost become the black death of human beings in the twentieth century, in recent years, more studies have found that garlic in the case of high-dose even in the case of AIDS has caused the spread of AIDS virus spread The role of such a great contribution to the human nature of the treasure, it is worth further study of scientists to explore, and even these active ingredients analyzed, concentrated manufacturing products into the pharmaceutical grade, I believe this will be another human well-being The
◎ natural antioxidants
Free radicals on human cell damage, it has been equated with a variety of chronic diseases, and the occurrence of cancer is more closely; medical community on cancer patients measured free radical concentration is always higher than the average health of many people , While the antioxidant is to eliminate free radicals the most direct antidote.
There are many antioxidants in nature, the body in a balanced nutrition, the immune system will also produce self-contained antioxidants. However, due to the presence of air in the radiation and pollution sources increasing, coupled with bad eating habits such as eating fried, barbecue food, smoking, often stay up all night, will make the body free radicals rise.
In 1996, two biochemists from Jushev and Bodezia were tested for the same amount of cobalt 60 (radiation source) for feeding the garlic and not fed garlic. The results of the experiment showed that garlic did Can reduce the radiation caused by the death rate and organ damage. Because exposure to cobalt 60 is one of the treatments that many cancer patients have to receive, the excess of the six-cell-induced secondary cell injury may be the cause of another cancerous lesion, Garlic with traditional cancer treatment, will definitely help the disease.
In addition, garlic has been shown to be protective against the carcinogenic effects of aflatoxin (which occurs in moldy legumes and peanut products) (PP Tadi et al., Anticancer Res, 1991 Nov; 11 (6): 2037-2041). The role of garnet in anti-cancer and anti-cell degeneration (mutation) is mainly due to its antioxidant effect, and the free radicals produced by the peroxide have a neutralizing effect (S. Knasmuller er al., Environ Mol Mutagen, 1989; (4): 357-365).
◎ help prevent diabetes
Diabetes is due to the metabolism of glucose in the body of the problem, and the rise in blood sugar, the main reason is the lack of insulin secretion or cell sensitivity to insulin decreased, resulting in cells can not effectively use glucose, and lead to increased blood sugar. Scientists have found that garlic can significantly inhibit the production of certain glucose enzymes, but help the liver and glucose metabolism related to the role of enzymes, because garlic can also make the blood of triglyceride concentration decreased (general diabetes (CG Sheela et al., Indian J Exp Biol, 1992 Jun; 30 (6): 523-526), ​​and the use of garlic is also helpful in the prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus The
◎ ease the intraocular pressure is too high
Glaucoma is usually accompanied by high intraocular pressure, which leads to impaired vision. In animal experiments, allicin in garlic can effectively reduce intraocular pressure, so it is speculated that eating garlic will help glaucoma patients relieve symptoms of ocular hypertension (TC Chu et al., J Ocul Pharmacol, 1993 ; 9 (3): 201-209)
◎ improve liver and lung disease
Liver disease and lung obstruction of the common disease, is caused by tissue hypoxia and unexplained gastrointestinal protein digestion and metabolism blocked phenomenon. According to a report from J. Clin Gastroen Terol in 1992, a patient suffering from lung disease has had a very limited medical effect in the traditional case Try to daily high doses of garlic health food supplements for taking eighteen months after the disease as much as a miracle-like improvement, and garlic can promote gastrointestinal function and normal circulation of the lungs, is Scientists are sure.
Garlic is good, how to eat?
Modern diet, it is inevitable that the pot of fried food, delicious barbecue or bacon and difficult to prevent second-hand smoke. Think of the Chinese people’s diet is actually full of intelligence. Eat a piece of roasted sausage must add pieces of garlic. Or used to garlic sauce as a seasoning, which is actually beneficial to remove the inadvertent may eat or inhalation of carcinogenic factors.
However, most people are accustomed to the raw garlic chopped and then mixed with soy sauce dip, in fact, the front also mentioned that the effective ingredients in garlic is very easy for long-term oxidation or high temperature (more than 56 degrees Celsius) and the loss of , So if you really want to eat garlic to eat healthy, it is bound to be the whole garlic after crushing (the more broken the better) directly into the mouth swallow. However, because the garlic in the sulfur compounds with strong mucosal irritation, many people for fear of that kind of Xin, hot, and spicy taste. However, do not forget, allicin is not there is a complete garlic, and only the garlic bite will make the former type of allicin allicin and garlic enzyme action to produce a physiological activity of allicin; The production of the role of Ailin decomposition enzymes will be in the stomach strong acid environment is destroyed. If you like the kind of chewing whole pieces of chewing pleasure, it would be better, but most people still can not accept the taste of fresh garlic.
Another problem with chewing garlic is that most of the digestive tract mucosa is difficult to accept the irritation of sulfide in garlic, severe cases may also lead to allergic reactions and stomach cough discomfort. But if you can accept two or three petals (about three to five grams) of mastication every day, and do not produce any gastrointestinal discomfort, it is still encouraging.
Choose to make garlic health food supplements, may be busy and attention to interpersonal interaction of modern people (to avoid bad breath) more willing to use it! However, it is important to note that the active ingredients of garlic is very easy to manufacture in the process of refining the damage, in the end swallowed these pill is also able to play the power of garlic health? Consumers have to choose carefully!
To the current market, garlic extract supplements of the dosage form, can be divided into early garlic soft capsules, garlic filled with hard capsules and garlic before the