Black garlic to solve the winter hands and feet cold troubled

Black garlic to solve the winter hands and feet cold troubled
Thaw “iceberg” beauty
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In winter, many girls will be cold hands and feet, which is mainly due to the heart is weak, poor blood circulation, making the blood can not fully supply the energy to the body caused by the tip. In addition, people with low iron content in the blood usually have lower tolerance to cold, and the female’s physiological period is particularly cold because of iron deficiency. This situation is also easy to happen in the body thinner or Deficiency of the body of the girls. In the case of
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The little cold – “cooked into black garlic”
To explore why the Japanese girls in the winter can still be afraid of cold, beautiful wearing a short skirt? It is because they are popular to eat “cooked black garlic” to fill the body, against the cold!
“Cooked into black garlic” is through the white garlic to 80 ℃ high temperature steaming 1 week and then placed 1 month refined. After the cooked garlic will become black, is due to the decomposition of protein in garlic amino acids, carbohydrates decomposition into fructose caused. As the stimulant allicin has been converted into garlic-free, low-irritating S-propenyl-bran amino acid ingredients, so black garlic is not only not smelly, but have increased appetite aroma, gastrointestinal weakness or worry about eating garlic Of people can be safe to eat. In the case of
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Black and white garlic than a ratio
Japan Food Analysis Center confirmed that “cooked black garlic” in the amino acid composition than the original white garlic increased by 1.5 times, and allicin composition has been decomposed but will not lose health effects, effective than ordinary white garlic 10 times. So, in Japan set off a “health care black whirlwind”. In the case of
Consumption of “cooked black garlic” can not only enhance the ability to resist the external environment, which contains the “essence” can also activate the blood circulation, improve the peripheral circulation is bad, so that blood circulation, and then to the cold, enhance the body of the cold resistance Force. In the case of
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Black Health Energy brings 6 big benefits
Black garlic, black sesame, black vinegar, black rice, black beans
Good sleep → black healthy energy full of vitality, can help to sleep!
Good warm → active body blood, winter no longer squeaky!
Good vitality → reduce fatigue, make people change color!
Good mood to reduce depression, feeling high overturned!
Good supple → promote metabolism, so that skin QQ moist!
Good mood → no stinky garlic taste, fresh and natural breath!
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“Cooked into black garlic” ingredients on the body of the benefits
Allicin: can be sterilized, inhibit platelet coagulation, prevention of thrombosis. In the case of
Alliin: can promote the synthesis of insulin and blood sugar, effectively reduce blood sugar, control diabetes, eliminate fatigue. In the case of
Methane Soda Sulfide: dilates the vessel wall, reduces blood pressure, dilutes blood, reduces the chance of blood clotting, and helps prevent heart disease. In the case of
Increased vitamins: to promote metabolism, enhance physical strength, nourishing the body, eliminate fatigue. In the case of
Organic selenium: super antioxidant, is the effective prevention of lifestyle diseases of the active acid